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Monday April 22nd, 2019 | En Pratique

The new version of the PadMu is now available with a new touch screen ! What are the novelties of the new PadMu2, is it worth it ? We’ve had the opportunity to test it for several months and we share with you our impressions !

For those that have never heard of the PadMu, we recommend you read the article we have posted and watch the small video we made (in french).

PadMu 2 presentation

The new version of the PadMu takes almost all the key features of its previous version :

  • A software specially adapted to musicians, which is continuously improved and becomes more and more powerful offering new functionalities. This software remains for us the main advantage of this music sheet reader.
  • Le software du PadMu 2 est spécialement adapté aux musiciens
    The software specially adapted to musicians
  • The dual mode that offers the possibility to couple a second PadMu to allow for an even better reading experience by displaying the scores on 2 pages!
  • Le double mode de coupler 2 PadMu
    The dual mode that offers the possibility to couple a second PadMu
  • A storage capacity of 32GB that can store a lot of partitions. However, we regret the disappearance of the SD card reader which allowed to increase the capacity.
  • Le PadMu2 vous permet de transporter facilement toutes vos partitions
    The PadMu2 allows you to easily carry all your partitions

On a design point of view, the PadMu 2 remains elegant and is as light as its predecessor. We regret however the position of the on / off button which remains on the bottom of the device and is sometimes accidentally activated when putting the PadMu on a music stand… To remedy this problem, I personally invested in a cover that prevents the button to be in contact with the music stand. As a bonus, it also protects the screen when the flip is closed.

Cover avec rabat pour protéger le PadMu 2
Cover with protection for the PadMu 2

Novelties of the PadMu 2

Where PadMu 2 differs from the previous generation is the way we interact with it. Indeed, the big novelty of PadMu 2 is the touch screen! It is now possible to navigate with our fingers. Coupled with a the high speed processor it’s a real pleasure to navigate through music sheet directly with our fingers!

Le PadMu2 est maintenant tactile
PadMu2 with touch screen

Of course, the PadMu 2 also comes with a stylus, which remains useful for annotations, and remains compatible with a large number of accessories.
Les accessoires du PadMu 2
Accessories for PadMu 2


In the time of iPads and other tablets, the touch screen was sorely lacking in the first generation of PadMu, which has been corrected in this new version. So, you may have already understood, we love this new PadMu 2!

What we love

  • The new touch screen
  • The well thought software
  • Its lightness and elegant design
What could be improved

  • The position of the On / Off button
  • No more SD card reader
Thomas MALLET - La Traversière
Article proposé par Thomas MALLET

Né en 1981 en région parisienne, Thomas MALLET débute la flute traversière au CRR de Saint-Maur des Fossés dans la classe de Michel Moraguès, puis celle de Philippe Lesgourgues, où il obtient en 2000 le CFEM mention très bien à l’unanimité.
Afin de poursuivre ses études, Thomas quitte la région parisienne pour s’établir à Rouen ou il obtient en 2005 son diplôme d’ingénieur et exerce depuis chez Axens, filiale de l’IFPEN.
De retour en région parisienne, Thomas reprend alors ses études musicales et intègre la classe d’Oscar Catalan à Boulogne Billancourt.


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